I just want to tell people about Jesus

It’s a moment I remember well. I was bursting with effervescent joy – if I had to keep it in a moment longer I swore I’d pop, so after a fun workout with a friend as we exited the group exercise room I lit up as I blurted out, “I’m pregnant!”. I had just found out a week prior and to contain the joy in my soul that a new life was beginning inside me just didn’t seem right. It’s those good, life-changing things we can’t seem to keep inside.

And we shouldn’t keep these moments inside, because as I look around me and listen to the news each morning I realize that good news, the kind that fills our hearts with joy and peace, is what we need, now more than ever. Most recently, during the attack that claimed the lives of 59 concertgoers and left our nation in a state of despair, it was the stories of heroism and hope that kept us going. And y’all it’s hard. Some days after scrolling through my newsfeed and listening to NPR, I am filled with intense guilt and anguish that I am raising my daughter in a world full of spin and hate. That is not the world I want for her.

As I look back on this past year of parenthood, I realize that I want her to know joy, not pain; hope, over despair, and mostly, I want her to know Jesus! I want her to know Him because He turns “mourning into dancing”! (Psalm 30:11)

I don’t want her to know Jesus because I somehow think that as a result, her life will be perfect and pain-free. She will grieve in this world, and rightly so! I want her to know Jesus because He is the best news this world has. He is the best this world could ever offer! Guys, God loves me and He loves you regardless of what you’ve done or what I’ve done (and let me tell you, I’ve messed up more times than I could count!) and all He asks in return is me; my presence and time. That I would come to Him daily. We need to stop making it more complicated than that!

I pray that God would give her and me (oh, so much me!) His eyes to see this world around me, the world He has entrusted to me. That my heart would continue to break for this world and that I wouldn’t get caught up in the hustle of day-to-day life so much that I forget that people need Jesus. I need Jesus! He is the best news, better than a baby (and mine is still a pretty big deal!). At the end of the day, I just want to tell people about Jesus.

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